I currently tend to code and communities as a software engineer / open source maintainer at Stanford University Libraries. You can find me in the Blacklight, International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF), Mirador, and code4lib communities. Previously, I supported digital humanities research at UC Berkeley, taught a research skills class, and studied 1930s US labor history.

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  • Accessibility Notes: Sharing and Recording a Screen Reader Demo with Zoom

    A quick way to demonstrate the impact of non-accessible markup is by sharing a screen reader demo. You can talk about best practices in theory but sighted people react more viscerally to a cascade of useless link text blasting in their ear.

  • Ruby Resources for RailsBridge Students

    I love volunteering at RailsBridge events because of the great energy that volunteers and students bring. Keeping up the momentum between events can be difficult, so I’ve compiled this list for students who are eager to keep learning. The list is by no means exhaustive but will hopefully provide some starting points for exploring Ruby, HTML, and CSS. Don’t get discouraged if one of these doesn’t feel quite right! Try out a variety of methods and settings for learning.

  • Emoji + Bash Aliases == 😍

    In my quest for ever-greater levels of cuteness in my dev environment, I’ve fallen in love with emoji bash aliases. These little shortcuts help me reduce keystrokes and stay in good spirits while I’m coding.

  • 📚 Guide: Walk to the Library (SFPL) 📚

    I lead semi-regular walks from the Dev Bootcamp SF campus to the Mission Bay branch of the San Francisco Public Library (SFPL). SFPL membership is free and comes with a variety of resources for both learning and leisure. You do not have to be a San Francisco resident to get a library card. The trip is about a 20-minute walk each way. I’ve prepared this guide so you know what to expect.